Businessman Excitedly Jumping in the Air - IsolatedBecause we spend such a great deal of our time at work, it’s important to enjoy what we do. If you’re stuck in a job you hate, in an industry that bores you, and with people who don’t inspire you, you’re likely to be feeling a distinct lack of purpose and very little fulfilment.

I offer career counselling and career assessments and I help people make exciting career choices. I assist teenagers and working adults to understand themselves better in order to be clear about their values, their vision, their talents and the things they are passionate about.

I help people to identify jobs and careers that will bring out the best in them, enabling them to be authentic, challenged, motivated, goal-driven and inspired. I offer psychometric testing along with counselling to get the optimal outcome.

I also assist people with goal-setting and life coaching, for career and individual development – at work, in sport, fitness, health, studies and personal growth.