image06Stress affects everyone at various stages of life. Some stress can be positive if it motivates us to get things done and take action. Persistent and excessive stress, however, is negative, unpleasant and bad for your physical and emotional well-being. I assist clients to develop effective stress management skills to help them cope with tensions, anxiety and stress.

Through therapy, clients identify their key stressors and develop an understanding of the ways in which they respond to difficult situations. We also explore ways of minimising stress and different responses, as well as looking at how a healthier and more balanced lifestyle can make one less susceptible to the negative impact of stress.

I assist people struggling to find a good work/life balance and those suffering from various signs of stress, including headaches, fatigue, panic attacks, breathing problems, sleep difficulties, tension, aches and pains, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, a compromised immune system and gastrointestinal problems.