Date: December 10, 2015

Author: Brian


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Blog: A Winning Marriage = A Winning Family = A Winning Career

Win at home, win at work.

Work stress is a major source of discomfort and can affect our health negatively. Often the primary source of work stress originates at a more personal level. What happens in your home has a direct impact upon what happens at work. Therefore the quality of your personal relationships determines the quality of your professional ones. Think for a minute – if you have relationship problems and unaddressed issues at home with your spouse or your children, you are at serious risk of your working life suffering as a result.

We live in a highly competitive world in which our ability to work effectively is critical. Employers expect a good return on their investment and are constantly looking for people who truly deliver. The profit imperative dictates that as workers, whether self-employed or an employee, we all need to perform optimally.

As a counselling psychologist in the Fourways area, I believe the family is the bedrock of society and the primary institution where our personalities are formed and our personal attributes and abilities are discovered and developed. The family remains a place of intimacy space where we are to be nurtured, find comfort and recover from the pressures of our fast paced life, whether at school or in the workplace.

The Everest Basecamp analogy may help us to realise that we cannot scale Everest without having a well-stocked and properly functioning basecamp to return to and recover from the day’s climbing excursions.

Is your home, your marriage, and your family setting a place where you feel safe enough to discover more of who you are and develop as a person? If not then it may be a good idea to consider some relationship advice from a psychologist. Whether it’s individual psychotherapy, marriage counselling, couple counselling or even family therapy, your personal relationships could become more collaborative and supportive of your working life, so reducing work stress.