Having experienced many struggles along my life’s journey to date (childhood insecurities, being bullied at school, emigrating as a teenager, making bad career choices, unemployment, seeking fulfilment in marriage and raising children – just to name a few!) – I am inspired to help other people who are struggling with life’s many challenges.

Public Talks & Courses:

*  The Hero’s Journey – Healing Your Wounded Heart

*  Turning Water Into Wine – Transforming Your Marriage

*  Relationship Realities – Marriage, Parenting & Real Relationships

*  Why Do I Keep Choosing the Same Partner? – Understanding the Rules of Attraction.

*  Adolescence: From Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks

Media Interviews:

I enjoy speaking on TV and on radio – tune into some recent interviews:


Useful Resources:

Collaboration with a variety of professionals to help people and tap into skills and talents is important. I recommend the following useful resources:

*  The South African Depression and Anxiety Group – help for people and families affected by depression

*  Baby Love – Sleep training for babies and toddlers and a helpful resource for new and expecting parents

*  Mankind Project – helping real, powerful, good men rise up and transcend their current limitations

*  Focus on the Family – helping families thrive


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